Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings From Your Brookline Dentist

At Coolidge Corner Dental, we treat cavities with fillings that blend seamlessly with the look of your natural tooth. Tooth colored fillings, also called cosmetic or composite fillings, can help restore your decayed or damaged teeth and provide cosmetic beauty. They can also strengthen damaged teeth, because the material used actually bonds your tooth structure together. 

Placed by Dr. Ustayev, your Brookline, MA dentist, this type of filling is an excellent choice for repairing a tooth. Teeth that are chipped, cracked, decayed, damaged, stained, or discolored can all benefit from a composite tooth colored filling.

Treatment Using Composite Fillings

The first step in your treatment is for Dr. Ustayev to remove all traces of decay and any old, existing filling material if present, creating a clean, disease-free area. Next, Dr. Ustayev will prep the tooth for the filling, then use the liquid resin composite material to fill the prepped area. The filling will be carefully shaped and molded while still in liquid form. Then, the composite material is hardened using a high-tech ultraviolet “curing” light. As a final step, Dr. Ustayev will further shape and polish the filling to perfection. The finished product is a durable filling that will look and feel natural in your mouth.

Do you have a cavity that needs filling? Coolidge Corner Dental provides natural looking, tooth colored fillings to strengthen and restore your tooth. Call our Brookline, MA dental office today at (617) 277-1112 to schedule an appointment!

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